Promising Start-Ups

Being a start-up once ourselves, we understand the value of having a moral support during the beginning. We are providing our startup champions the same moral support and development support. As government is also supporting start-ups, we are happy to lend a helping hand.

  • Project Deliberation

    We are well-known for our creative and innovative approach towards the projects we accept has allowed us to form various ideas for start-ups. We become the insight that these promising individuals require in the industry to keep their start-up standing.

  • Platform maintenance and support

    The developer has to remain with their client even after the project is complete to ensure it functions properly. We take the complete responsibility of the issues and upgrades of the application or website after it is published. We remain the reliable development partner even after the development process.


Our Start-up Victors

Here are some of our start-ups who have made us proud with their success.


Adasat- Iphone app development

The Adasat app was one of the projects we worked on that sold eye care products. They generated nearly KWD 30,350 in six months. We published their application on both app store and play store.


Ubuy-Ecommerce web Development

This e-commerce platform that we developed for our client helped him generate over KWD 15,17,450 in over a year. Ubuy was able to be popular in the global market with the platform that we developed for them.


Small-scale Businesses

At Cliq technologies we treat everyone equally and are supportive towards all the clients. We don’t discriminate clients based on their budget or business size. We have equally helped small scale clients to reach more audience and maximize their business opportunity.

  • Business Optimization

    We use instant decision-making tools which are equipped with robust features that are specially designed to increase the business reach. Our solutions have the ability to completely automate your business process.

  • Client-centric platforms

    The team at Cliq technologies have the expertise of developing digital platforms that are not only user-friendly but also user-centric. Such business platforms will allow you to engage maximum users and boost your business.

Clients that joined the online world

These clients are Kuwait based as well as overseas who have joined the online world with the platform developed by us.

March Flower

March Flower-Ecommerce web Development

In a time period of eight months our developed platform helped March Flower to generate a great ROI. March flowers became an instant hit after the introduction of their website.

Lea ebook

Lea eBook-android app development

The client expanded his business in the South America through our web platform. They generated over KWD 30,350 in the past 9 months with the developed web platform.

Established Enterprises

We have worked previously with many major enterprises from all over the world. The platform that we developed was able to cater all the needs of the enterprise. Mitsubishi, PORSCHE BRIGHTON, and Ubuy are some of our established clients.

  • Mobility solutions

    Cliq technologies have a powerhouse of skilled individuals who have extensive experience in developing mobile applications. We have solutions that can make your services compact enough for the users to understand and use it.

  • Tech consultation

    The experts at Cliq technologies will be present with the client explaining all the features and tools that is integrated in their platform. The developed platform will be able to run on all major devices and systems.


Our business tycoons

These businesses have made a fortune with the help of our development service.


PORSCHE BRIGHTON-iOS app development

Porsche generated almost KWD 2,42,79,200 from our paid ad services in over 12 months. We started a paid ad campaign that compelled their users to install the application and avail services.


Floward-Creative Ecommerce Web Development

This online platform was only a start up when we developed their e-commerce platforms. This florist website was able to generate over KWD 1,80,000 in 15 months and also expanded to Australia in 3 years.

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