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What are Hashtags on Instagram, and why use them?


Hashtags: A combination of letters, emojis, or numbers along with the symbol “#” preceding (e.g., #NoFilter). It is meant to tag the content and help categorize it to make it more discoverable. Hashtags are clickable, so when someone clicks on a hashtag, they can see all the posts associated with it; similarly, they can also conduct an Instagram hashtag search.

Instagram hashtags can make or break anyone’s business, depending on the marketing strategy. Using these hashtags can help make your post visible to a more relevant audience for the maximum benefit. This article goes on to provide more information on everything to do with Kuwait Hashtags on Instagram.

Benefits of Using Hashtags on Instagram

Content is easier to find: In order to get more organic followers, it is essential that your content appears in the user’s search. The best way to achieve this is by use of Hashtags.

Your business or brand can trend: Hashtags can grow any brand by spreading the word of your product/service via hashtags used, especially if you have a small business and you want exposure. It can start trending to a massive audience without spending a dime.

Builds traffic and engages the audience: One can build traffic by engaging new customers and growing your Instagram account, hence making it more productive. People can easily reach and view your account by tapping the hashtag or following the hashtag to build traffic for your Instagram account. It’s an excellent way to increase the number of followers and engage new customers to grow your Instagram account and make it active.

How to Find Trending Hashtags?

Checkout competition: Do not mirror your competition’s strategy. Instead, do some research into the trending Hashtags and those used by your competitor companies. This is a good method to discover new hashtags and check what is working for other similar firms in the same industry.

See what is trending amongst the audience: In case your targeted audience already has a trending hashtag, it might be a good idea to check if a similar Hashtag is relevant for your business. Keeping an eye on your top followers to see what hashtags are popular in their searches. There are several tools that can even provide you with some additional information.

Use Instagram-related features: A trending hashtag is more relevant than one created based on your custom keywords. Every community and group will usually have a unique, local, and trending hashtag that you can use to connect with the relevant audience. A little research along these lines can go a mile.

Tips to Make Proper Use of Those Hashtags

Use Insights to see which works best: If you’ve made the switch to an Instagram business profile, you would have access to post insights that can tell you how many impressions have been received through hashtags. Select the post you want data from and view the insights. It is also possible to dig deeper to check further. You will also be able to find information on the impressions received for the relevant hashtags.

Include hashtags on Instagram stories: Hashtag pages also have Instagram stories where you will be able to look at the collection of stories tagged with that particular hashtag. Implementing such hashtags can work wonders for your business.

Avoid being banned for spam hashtags: Instagram can ban the hashtag if it is not appropriate. The content being displayed is associated with the hashtag hence, if your hashtag is not relevant it will not be effective.

Don’t use repetitive or irrelevant hashtags: Avoid using the same hashtag on every post. Perform extensive research prior to using a hashtag. Besides being beneficial, it will also avoid you from being penalized.

Make sure you know what hashtag conveys what you want: It is important you have clarity on the type of hashtags to use. Besides being appropriate it also needs to carry the right message.

Popular Instagram Hashtags

Product or Service Hashtags
The basic one that describes your product or services comes under this type. For example #purse, #mobileappdevelopmentservices.

Niche Hashtags
These types of hashtags get a little more specific about your post and one that fits the context of your industry. For example #foodblogger

Industry Instagram Community Hashtags
Several communities exist on Instagram and using the hashtags associated with them can be beneficial, for example, #craftersfinstagram

Special event or seasonal
Referring to holidays or seasons like #winterlove or any national holiday like #EidAl-Fitr.

Even if you geotag in your post, it’s still a good idea to use a hashtag that refers to your location.

Hashtags associated with days are beneficial in relevant posts. For eg. #Throwbackthursday, #Sundayfunday

Relevant phrase
It is a kind of phrase that is used on Instagram to connect existing communities in an insider method; for example, #shewhowanders

The best-known acronyms are #OOTD, i.e., outfit of the day, or #tbt, i.e., throwback Thursday.

These hashtags can include emojis on their own, like #????, or words or phrases with emojis attached.

Dos and Don’ts
Always create a unique hashtag.
Create public posts to ensure users can reach you.
A mixture of hashtags is recommended like the following:
2-4 niche hashtags
5-7 mid-range hashtags
2-4 popular hashtags
Branded and local hashtags.

Place Excessive hashtags.
Use Irrelevant hashtags.
Use ALL CAPS in the hashtag.
Do not punctuate your hashtags.
Do not break your hashtags with spaces in between.

Top Instagram Hashtags in 2022


If you or your business doesn’t use hashtags, you are bound to start using them after reading this article. They can be used in your social media posts on Instagram and are more valuable to promote your brand, engage more audience, increase reach and be trendy! Almost all social media platforms use hashtags, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, and the list goes on. However, the use of hashtags may vary from platform to platform. Have more doubts about how to grow your business on social media organically? We are here to help you with that.

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