Every service or product-based company needs an e-commerce website to run its company. They tend to hire an eCommerce website development company to make their products and services available to the relevant audience.


These eCommerce websites act as the face of the company and are a good source to gain valuable insights about the business. In this digital world, business websites are the essential way to grow in the market.


According to Statstia, there are around 12 to 24 million eCommerce websites worldwide.


Almost 61% of people purchase products online from eCommerce websites.

Almost 95% of purchases will be done online by 2040.

Almost 94% of internet users have purchased products online from eCommerce websites.


This article provides more information on the cost to develop an eCommerce website.


Benefits of eCommerce Websites


The eCommerce marketplace is one of the biggest ones for all industries. eCommerce websites have many benefits for the business. There is effective cutting-edge technology to generate high revenue for the business. We will make you familiar with some main benefits of an eCommerce website:

  • Global Reach: eCommerce website development is the easiest way to expand to a global scale. It is the ideal platform for the company to showcase its services and products.


  • No Time Restrictions: When you run a business online, there are no time barriers. It gives an effective medium to communicate with anyone at any time and from any place. It offers the users more flexibility, thus helping to increase the customer base.


  • Scaling And Inventory Management: eCommerce websites give amazing scalability to the business and simpler inventory management. It makes the company work less by enhancing profit margins.


  • Bigger Search Traffic: Search engine optimization is the biggest help in giving recognition to your business. With an increase in the popularity of eCommerce websites, businesses are assured higher traffic as well.


  • Insight Into Customer Data: eCommerce websites help gain valuable information regarding a customer’s mindset. It also provides an opportunity to analyze their behavior. This also helps in analyzing and optimizing audience engagement to ensure loyalty.


  • Affordable Advertising: Business websites have the biggest resources for money generation by advertising. Ads are one of the best methods to help a business grow to the next level.


Process of Website Development


Advanced eCommerce website development is essential for a business to help it stand out. Hiring a professional team is the best method to achieve this. They work with innovative methods and strategies to give a perfectly optimized eCommerce website.

There are several steps in the eCommerce development process:


  • Determine Your Business Model: The first thing that needs to be taken care of in the eCommerce website is determining your business model. The entire eCommerce website relies on this.


  • Selecting Proper Development Plan: When you develop a website, it is better to have a proper development plan. With a plan, you can easily take care of all the insights required in website development. And it also gives room for improvement.


  • Right eCommerce Platform: The key features of any website are its responsiveness, management, product displays, and more. These all can align perfectly with the correct eCommerce platform.


  • Target Audience: After the website development, it is important to understand your target audience. By this, you can perform well in the market. And get the business growth efficiently and easily.


  • Proper Branding: The website builds the brand of the company. It is important to do proper branding on the website by the design, theme, and content to benefit the company in the long run.


eCommerce Website Development Cost


The eCommerce website development depends on the types of implications, features, and functions required in the website. This depends on many factors like website domain, hosting, integrations, and more.


  • Basic website development costs around $500 to $1000, which includes website hosting, domain, and eCommerce Functionality.


  • In the client approached eCommerce website, the development cost varies from $1000 to $5000 depending on the plugins and customization clients need in their eCommerce websites.


  • If the company wants to build a complete professional website, then the cost ranges from $5000 to $25000. This development involves everything from domain name to SEO marketing and more.


The Website Features                                      Upfront Cost


Website domain                                                 $20 – $60


Website hosting                                                   $35 – $600


SSL certificate                                                          $0 – $200


eCommerce functionality                                        $20 – $24,000


Templates or themes                                                   $0 – $200


Apps and integrations                                                 $0 – $100


SEO and marketing                                                      $0 – $90


Website content                                                             $0 – $5,000



The cost of an eCommerce website can vary according to the demand for the features and functionalities.


How To select an eCommerce Website Development Company


Company Selection is the critical part of successful eCommerce website development. Getting this wrong and selecting the wrong company can mean disaster and place all your efforts in vain.


Hence here is a useful guide to selecting a good eCommerce Development company:


The Team: First, you need to find the best people for website development.

Investors: You need to have a proper idea of the investors, their skate, and roles.

Roles Clarification: The roles in the development should be clarified to each person and team.

Market Value: The company should have the proper idea about the insights on market value for a successful business.

Product needs: Make a list of products you need to display on top and let the team present it to the audience.

Company Type: Ensure the development firm you choose has the expertise to develop a website for your industry.

Life Factors: Choose the company in a broader aspect that can easily meet your needs and communicate effectively.


To Sum Up


eCommerce website development is essential in this new age of business growth. It allows the company to display its products and services in the proper manner to the audience.

CliqTechno is a company with years of experience in website development services, especially eCommerce website development. We have worked with several companies and given them customized results per their requirements to make them grow in the market.

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