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This is the digital era hence it is highly likely that a majority of the businesses already have a website. But this is also the digital age in which a majority of people use a mobile device rather than a laptop or a pc. Hence it is crucial that your website also works well on a mobile device. Building a mobile app does solve this issue to some extent, however, it is vital to be able to load your website on a mobile device as well.

With the number of mobile devices that can access the internet on the rise, it is important to update your website to ensure it is compatible with all devices and all operating systems. This article provides more information on the importance of making websites mobile-friendly and

Benefits of Mobile Friendly Websites


  • Mobile devices are very convenient to use hence a high percentage of people use them. They are used for all types of applications and also to browse the website. Hence it makes sense to update your website for mobile devices.
  • Making your website available on mobile devices is also beneficial to market on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Mobile is more accessible and we tend to carry it wherever we go. A mobile-friendly website opens the door to a wide range of marketing opportunities. It allows one to be more dynamic, proactive and offer personalized marketing.
  • This offers a streamlined experience across several devices.
  • It is the ideal method of improving the mobile conversion rate.
  • A mobile website is easier to navigate and offers a better user experience.

Interesting Facts & Statistics

  • The number of people using mobile devices in 2021 is 6378 Million, while that in 2016 was 3668 Million.
  • 7516 million people are expected to be using mobile devices by 2026.
  • The average time spent using mobile devices every day in the USA will be 2 hours 55 minutes in 2019.

How the Professional Web Developers Can Help?

A professional website development firm will have the expertise to develop a stunning website and at the same time also make sure that it is available on other devices like mobiles and tablets. CliqTechno is one such IT Company in Kuwait that develops websites and mobile applications. We are an IT company in Kuwait offering a wide range of services like mobile app development, website development, eCommerce development, software development, and much more.

You can trust the well-trained developers at Cliqtechno to develop stunning websites for you. Listed here are some of the benefits of leaving the website development to the professionals at Cliqtechno:

  • You can be certain your project will be completed in a timely manner.
  • This way you gain access to an expert team of developers, designers, and a firm with plenty of resources.
  • We keep ourselves abreast with the new technologies hence have a deeper understanding of the IT industry.
  • They are aware of the methods of making your website fast and more efficient.
  • This is a good way to ensure your websites appear stunning and are also fully functional at the same time.
  • It is the ideal method if you wish to increase your ROI.

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