Developing a cross-platform app is a cost-efficient method of giving your business the exposure it requires. With a spike in smartphone sales and an increase in the use of the Internet for a wide range of activities, is it not a big surprise that mobile app development is in high demand? Since there are a high number of iPhone and Android users, it is best to develop a cross-platform app. Here are statistics that help understand the importance of developing an app:

  • Smartphone users spend close to 4 hours a day using their phones.
  • There will be 2.96  Million apps on the Google Play Store in 2020.
  • One can keep the mobile app development cost low with cross-platform app development.

React Native is an open-source framework by Facebook that is based on JavaScript. It is a good option when it comes to developing a feature-rich mobile app in a cost-effective manner. This article provides more information on mobile app development with React Native. 


Deciphering Mobile App Development Cost


It is important to understand the main factors affecting the mobile app development cost to make informed decisions when developing an app for your business:

  • The two main platforms are Android and iOS. Both are very popular making it vital to target each platform. The cost will differ based on whether you choose to develop an Android, iPhone, or both, or a cross-platform application.
  • The mobile device we use these days is feature-packed; with new models being released on a regular basis with better and more advanced features. The more complex and high-end features, the higher the cost of the application development.
  • Hiring a skilled team of developers from a reputed firm will ensure the development process runs smoothly since they use proven development methodologies. On the other hand, hiring freelance developers with little or no experience might end up costing you more. 
  • The development costs also differ by the location of the development team.
  • The methodology, framework, type of QA team,  technologies used, and other preferences made during the development process like whether or not to make use of third-party APIs affect your projects. It affects the development time, cost, and overall efficiency of your app.


Here are a few statistics that help us understand better:


  • According to a survey, 51% of companies spent over $5000 on the discovery stage while only 32% spent the same for the design stage, and only 9% spent over $5000 on the development stage. Approximately 31% spent over $5000 on testing their apps. 
  • It is expected that by 2025, there will be over 7.49 billion mobile users worldwide.
  • There are over 230 billion app downloads globally.
  • Spending on the app store went over $170 billion worldwide, which is an increase of 30% over the previous year
  • 53.96% of the web traffic comes from mobile phones.


Benefits of Choosing React Native


  • This is a community-driven platform created by Facebook that derives from the React Native Framework. 
  • It possesses the features of a top-notch mobile app development platform and the agility of the React environment.
  • Allows for code reuse and allows for a high degree of cost saving.
  • This is the ideal choice for powerful and flexible mobile apps. 
  • It is useful to build a wide range of applications like social networks, financial, transportation, entertainment, healthcare, travel apps, and much more.
  • This is the ideal platform for developing apps for mobile and desktop.
  • Smartphone users spend close to 4 hours a day using their phones.
  • There were 2.96  Million apps on the Google Play Store in 2020. 
  • It encourages code reusability, reducing development time and cost. 
  • It allows one to develop cross-platform applications. 
  • The flexible nature of React Native allows one to use a single codebase while developing an app for both the iOS and Android platforms. 
  • It is also the ideal platform for those developing apps with a native-like experience.


Tips To Pick The Best Mobile App Development Framework


Businesses with appealing mobile applications are drawing the attention of the average consumers. There is no looking back at the mobile phone sales or the constant increase in the number of people using the Internet. The ideal way forward for most businesses is to develop a mobile app with all the bells and whistles. React Native is best suited to help businesses create an appealing mobile application in a quick time, one that works on both the platforms, Android and iOS. One can create high-performance apps with stunning features using React Native. 

Some of the other options include Flutter, Xamarin, Swiftic, Ionic, and jQuery mobile. CliqTechno is a mobile app development firm in Kuwait offering web development solutions in various technologies like Flutter, Xamarin, PhoneGap, and many more.

It is a good practice to verify the trends prior to selecting a framework. Opting for a cross-platform approach equates to spending less time and money developing your app since it uses a single code base. By opting for cross-platform apps, you are choosing wide market reach, faster and more cost-effective deployment, and consistency over all platforms. Here are a few interesting facts and statistics regarding this:

  • As per global Internet search over the last 5 years, 61% of users prefer React Native, while 44% are considering either Flutter or Xamarin.
  • React Native uses JavaScript and is developed & maintained by React Native. 
  • React Native supports over 90% code reuse and uses native UI controllers.
  • React Native ensures an almost native user experience.
  • It has tons of advantages and very few negative points.
  • Many big firms around the world use React Native like Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, Uber, Pinterest, and Skype.

CliqTechno offers a wide range of solutions including website and mobile app development as well as digital marketing solutions. We have highly trained professionals who possess skills in various technologies. We have had the good fortune of developing more than 350 projects for over 200 clients worldwide. Get in touch with us for your next mobile app project, we are an award-winning development firm.

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